So... some stuff about me. Well, I suppose I should start off with introductions. My name's Mid Favila, and I'm an autodidact currently located in Atlantic Canada. I'm particularly interested in the following;

Outside of my academic interests, I'm a big fan of other relatively nerdy things; anime is up there, especially those of a more anthropomorphic inclination such as Brand New Animal or Beastars, but more abstract and weird stuff like FLCL and Serial Experiments Lain are also fun. I'm fond of fencing and other combat sports, as well as RPGs; in particular, I've been playing a lot of MUDs recently.

I've been a member of a few different organizations, the most obvious being SDF, where my site and such are hosted. I'm formerly a member of the EFF, and I'm intending to join the FSF soon. Eventually I'd like to join the local ARES branch, as well.

As for my battlestation, I've got the specs listed below (it's a mild self-indulgence of mine...)

If you'd like to get to know me more, feel free to reach out some time. My contact details are on this site's home page.

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